Danniel Toya (RDC)

Danniel Toya is an artist sculptor and robotic designer born in 1995. As an insatiable creator, he finds satisfaction in diverting objects from their primary use : broken electronic toys, computer parts, sheet metal, plastics or organic materials. The artist reappropriates these discarded « dead materials », which he assembles – in a certainly aesthetic construction logic – and brings them back to life in the form of disconcerting machines. His work reflects his overflowing aspirations, driven by the dimension of technological and societal progress. Bold and critical, he mocks the failings of his contemporaries by trying, through the features of his robots, to provide solutions as absurd as they are brilliant. In his workshop there is a professor of defence against mental disturbances, a robot for desert sun protection, or a guitar-camera-weapon to equip the Congolese army. The artist is based at the Échangeur, a building that was intended to be « the highest monumental tower in the world ». Inspired by these architectural and spatial fantasies, Danniel is serene; despite his often misunderstood intelligence, he will participate in the future of a world propelled by electricity into orbit, like the rocket he plans to send there.

RobotBoy from Kinshasa, by Marynet J

Danniel Toya, stoic observer of his time, tackles through his works some of the daily life issues in the DRC. The urban frenzy and the sometimes harsh necessities of life are a response to the shadow of « Article 15 », declaring « Do what you got to do to survive », creating many demands and interactions to make the most out of the social game. Without a chance to rest and constantly confused by the problems of everyday life, the Congolese are, according to Danniel Toya, victims of « external disturbances » that he describes as multiple « mental disturbances ». « Crazy people are essential to society » according to the artist who seeks, through his work, to offer an ironic view at the wobbly political situation of his country and the opportunities « given » to young people. Therefore, it is by suggesting solutions to his observations that, with his tools, the artist Danniel Toya gives substance to those problems.

Danniel Toya’s robots are metaphors for the society he belongs to, and for which he behaves as an idea-agitator, in order to “innovate and help humanity evolve”. He wishes to live in a safe and healthy environment, a place where all rights are assured, and freedom respected. With optimism he says: « My work is a sign of hope for brighter days. Through the futuristic projections that my robots convey, you can perceive the voice of a youth on the move, who is becoming aware of what remains to be done, in the present and the future.” According to Danniel, hope in the future resides in the youth, and its propensity to invent strategies and to innovate. These initiatives can be observed in citizens’ movements, who are originators of new cultural media, as well as through the trust put into technology, which, according to him, is an undeniable ally for those who propose political changes and who correspond to the desires of youth.


Performer / Danniel Toya Beatmaking / BenRichard



“Bold and critical, he mocks the failings of his contemporaries by trying, through the functionalities of his robots, to provide solutions that are as absurd as they are brilliant.” The Art Momentum


Past preformances : Institut Français de Kinshasa, Les Machines de Nantes, Sfinks Festival, …


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